Why Do Glasses Limit or Impede The Practice of Some Sports?

The use of goggles corrective lens can be very limiting and even prevent the practice of some sports, especially contact, risk and aquatic. The rules of some sports do not allow to play with glasses because of the risk that entails so much for the athlete who uses them, as for his companions and opponents. A blow in a random throw in a person wearing spectacles can be very dangerous, since the crystals or the mounts can get to nail in the eyes or in the face, with serious consequences for the aesthetics and, especially, for the view of the athletes involved In this kind of situation.

Use of glasses and lenses and sports performance

The use of corrective goggles, as well as contact lenses, negatively affects performance in sport. This is a general opinion in the majority of athletes, as seen in a study on this issue, whose conclusions can be consulted in this post.

The main impediments and discomfort of the use of eyeglasses when practicing sports are:

  • The risk of damage after a blow in the same, especially in contact or speed practices.
  • Impossibility to use them in water sports, swimming, diving, sailing…
  • They can easily fall to the ground and break.
  • They create difficulties and even prevent the use of protection goggles against the effects of sun or snow and blows.
  • They are annoying and can fall easily when making sudden movements.
  • They do not always allow optimal vision from all distances.
  • The eyeglass mount itself can distort vision or cause distractions.
  • In certain circumstances, glare and/or flashes may occur.
  • Glasses do not always guarantee a good vision in all kinds of circumstances and lighting conditions.

For all these reasons, the goggles corrective lens can greatly limit the practice of sports, preventing the maximum of its potential.

In some cases, the use of spectacles becomes totally incompatible with the practice of some sports. Then, the athlete has no choice but to look for alternatives, if you do not want to have to give up the practice of your favorite sport.

The alternative of refractive surgery

Refractive surgery is an interesting and effective alternative to the use of glasses and contact lenses to correct the vision problems of people with myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism. In most cases, after an intervention of this type, usually performed by lasik technique, it is no longer necessary to use glasses and lenses to see well from any distance.

In addition, the recovery is very fast and, as a general rule, in a few weeks the person operated can already practice their favorite sporting activity, even if it involves physical contact. Therefore, there are no more limitations when it comes to practising any type of sport, including contact, water and risk.

Before the intervention, the patient is given a first preoperative consultation that includes some tests, all of them quick and simple, to check the suitability of the candidate to undergo a vision operation, as well as the procedure Most appropriate surgical procedure.

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